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Gatoka Flowers Limited exports its flowers mainly to Europe with 80% of our produce being sold at the Van Beek Bloemen auctions in Holland. We have also established healthy relationships with reputable companies in:

  • UK
  • Japan
  • Italy

The ready markets currently are Holland, UK, Japan, Russia, USA, Sweden, Italy and Romania

Other Activities
Gatoka farm is diverse and has various other sectors such as:

The farm has 50 hectares of coffee plantation to its south. We are slowly moving from Varieties FL28 to Batian.
Our coffee is harvested and processed in our Coffee Factory. Once the coffee has been fully processed we transport it to our local Millers –Kofinaf Ltd. It is later sold in the auction at The Kenya Planters’ Co-operative Union Limited, KPCU.

Horticulture and Dairy Farming
The farm is involved in horticulture at a small scale level. We grow and export Baby Corn and French Beans. We also provide various vegetables for the local market.
Gatoka farm has over 30 prime dairy cows in its fold. The milk produced is sold in the local market.